Highlight Quran Courses

  • Tasleem Al Quran key work consists of Best Quran Teaching Courses online with modern and spirited ways.
  • The best methods and procedures are using to teach Online Quran.
  • We offer the processes in these  Quran teaching courses that help the students to learn and grow in learning.
  • After learning these courses students can maintain itself by independent effort in reading Qur’an in future إن شاء الله .
  • Learn the Holy Qur’an online with a proper Tajweed courses.
  • Read and understand the concepts of Quran with us.
  • Learn Quran with Urdu Translation. 
  • Also learn Quran with Tafseer.
  • Learn how to recite and memorize Quran in online classes.
  • Our Quran Lessons for kids, adults and females with live tutors over Skype and zoom. 

We also offer Free Trial Seminar for 3 days.

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Learn Noorani Qaida

Our Noorani Qaida classes provide a structured and personalized approach to mastering Arabic reading and pronunciation, ensuring a strong foundation for Quranic recitation.

Learn Rules of Tajweed

Our Tajweed classes offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to mastering the rules of Tajweed, ensuring accurate Quranic recitation and spiritual enrichment.

Quran for Beginners

Embark on your Quranic journey as a beginner with us, where our specialized courses provide foundational knowledge and guidance for enriching exploration of the Quran

Learn Hifz Ul Quran Online

We offer structured Hifze Quran courses tailored to beginners, providing essential tools and support for memorizing and mastering the holy Quran

Islamic Studies for Kids

We offer foundational knowledge and insights into various aspects of Islam, fostering spiritual growth and understanding.

Quran with Translation

Quran Translation for beginners, providing accessible pathways to understanding the timeless wisdom and guidance of the Quran.

Piller of Islam and Beliefs

Immerse yourself in beginner-friendly Pillars of Islam courses, where you'll gain a deep understanding of the foundational and principles of Islam.

Daily Islamic Supplications

Our this course provides a structured approach to learning essential prayers and supplications into your daily spiritual practice.