Our Team

Our Team Like A Family

It is like a family. We are very proud of our team because we know our team is the secret key to our success.

They are very active in learning sessions. They are ready to make decisions and takes responsibility to solve students problems. Our team has been committed the Islamic education to the international level.Tutors of our Academy teaches a students online through out the world AlhahmduiLLAH. Our team believes diversity is a strength, because teams can achieve more and learn new things from one another through diverse communities and Islamic values. In our team each employee is amazing in their own right. They never stop learning and strive to be the best. AlhamduliLLAH

Tasleem Al Quran Academy offering a many courses related to Quran education with a different and unique strategies. We are offering a wide range of Fee (Hadiyah) that can meet everyone’s budget. We are giving our best to students that allows Tasleem Al Quran to be among the leaders in the Online Quran education and maintain it’s competitive edge.

For you and your children’s comfort during a learning sessions is our number one priority. For learning Quran,No matter What’s your age and No matter What’s your budget. We have a best team for you without compromising on the comfort to you and your children’s. Our aim is to build a Islamic communities where the children can make a difference between right and wrong path and spread a Quran knowledge to the world.