• Quran is a secret text/message for us it is the literal word of Allah, so you can understand Quran with urdu Translation.
  • Meaning of these are the words that were choosen by Allah , spoken by Allah and intendent to be reveal to humanity.
  • One of the thing that in Quran Tells about its self, Allah speaks to us in Quran, ‎الرحمٰن. Allah’s greatest atribute, the lord of mercy. He is the one who is bringing down the knowldge of this scripture.
  • The word Quran literally means the thing you read loud is to gain benefit and with benefit to others. It’s something you recite and recite something to understand & reveal all the hidden/secret messages.This Holy Quran book intacked even before our creation. It was not accident or by circumstances.
  • In ‘Quran’ Allah is telling us about the secrets of living in this world.

Quran is very intentional book for us, Understand with Translation.

  • It has in it words of wisdom and inspiration it has in it verses to deal with almost everything and if you look through the pages of Quran you will find a solution of evrything i.e happines or sorrow,
    Sicknes or health, family structure ,family life, you will find everything clearly written in Quran.
  • Motive behind telling all these story is just this we have everything in quran if we look if we UNDERSTAND.
  • Mostly people in pakistan don’t know Arabic. So it is good for us understand Quran also in our mother language.
  • Reciting Quran is essential but it is more powerfull when you know what you are reciting In Quran and what are the message from Allah to us.
  • So if we understand Quran then we will be able to convey the message of Allah to others.
  • The right aim of Quran is for us to understand completely and
    have faith in Quran.
    Here in a Quran
    ‘whatever you can not achieve as a whole, atleast achieve some of it.’
Quran with Urdu translation
Quran with Urdu Translation PDF