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Get Register your-self. and join Tasleem Al-Quran Academy.You will learn all the cources which we provide you. And you will learn it. We also provide you a best Teachers that will help you to learn the Quran with Tajweed. And also help you to learn the Tarjumma. As you read different things, perhaps blog posts, emails from big, emails from friends. Learn Online Quran in the best online Quran academy Tasleem Al Quran. At the comfort of your home in a friendly Environment with Us. We enables you how to take a initial step. Where you should take a start with a basic Arabic Alphabets to the words. Then Recitation with the Rules of tajweed. We are providing a technology based resources to connect with the Quran and Learn Quran Easily in these modern times.
In our best online Quran academy offering a teaching services to kids and adults, male and female. To all over the world. Our Quran learning courses are specially designed for you and your kids under the guidance of qualified Quran Tutors. Memorizing Quran (Hifz ul Quran) Translation and Learn Salat /prayers, important Supplications with the 6 Kalimas.