Six Kalimas of Islam a Strong Belief

The Six Kalimah/The Six Phrases

Learn Six Kalmas

  • There are Six Phrases in islam known as Kalmas are six significant parts of religious belief.
  • These traditional phrases intensify the Iman of muslims, as the strong belief in Toheed, and heavily taught the most basic and fundamental trust in Islam.
  • Moreover these six traditional phrases commonly known as kalmas helps to learn and understand monotheistic nature of islam.
  • Kalmas teachs us About the greatness of Allah Almighty as he is the one and only, by declaration of faith.
  • These six Kalmas are consists of popular words of remembrance, and supplications for God’s forgiveness.
  • On here Tasleem AlQuran Academy giving a platform for learning basics knowledge of Islam and Six Kalmas in both English Urdu Translation.
  • So Muslims need to learn all six Kalmas, translate them in their language to completely understand them and memorize all of them in Arabic and the translation of kalmas.
  • Our formidable and professional Quranic Teachers will help the students in strong religious beliefs by learning and memorizing Six kalmas with English/Urdu translation without any extra charges.
  • Our students getting benefit to learn six kalmas , Prayer and All important supplications with their regular lessons without any extra fee.

Kalimah tayyab
Kalima Shahadah
Kalimah tamjeed
Kalima touheed
Kalimah ishtaghfar
Kalimah Radh e kufar