Learn Salah Pillar of Islam

Learn Salat and Salah is the pillar of Islam. It is a daily obligatory prayer. Muslims performed salat regularly 5 times in a day. There are five Pillar of Islam or the religious pillar which is consider to be obligatory acts of worship for all Muslims. This five Prayers collectively form the second pillar of Islam.These are Fajar (observe at dawn), Zuhar prayer (observe at noon), Asar (observe late in the afternoon), Maghrib (observe at dusk), and Isha (observe after sunset).

So first you should understand and remember the importance of prayers/Salat . In Holy Book Qur’an have many verses that mention about Salat and it’s importance clearly. For performing a Salah you should Facing the Qibla, that is the direction of the Kaaba with respect to Muslims praying.

Purity is an essential part of Islam and it’s also important and compulsory for Salah. You can removing physical impurities (for example, urine etc) from the body and clothes and then removing ritual impurity by means of Wudu (usually) or Ghusl (shower).

In Islam women are equal to men in all religious rulings but One of the cases in which the scholars mention specific rules for women in prayer, where there are differences in posture are as follows with a picture of both men and Women prayer